A Comfortable Work Appropriate Outfit

The-Collar-024As an accountant, I work in a fairly conservative environment.  Dress code wise one must always err on the side of professional conservatism.  The above look is something I put together (that while remaining office appropriate) still allows me to express my own personal style.  Plus it’s super comfortable!  I mean is there anything worse than being stuck at your desk all day in constrictive, uncomfortable clothing?

The-Collar-025The outfit itself is pretty basic and made up of a sweater and a black pencil skirt.  The sweater’s high collar keeps me covered up and the rhinestones keep the sweater from being completely boring.  The black pencil skirt is a classic work piece that can be mixed and matched for other non-work related occasions.

Work Appropriate | Watch Carmen StyleI infused my own personal flair through the use of accessories. The metallic leather bag with the chain detail adds a hard rock edge to an otherwise very conservative outfit and keeps the ensemble fun and youthful.  The grey two-toned suede heels add a touch of interest and their four inch heel height is balanced out by the length of the skirt.

Work Appropriate | Watch Carmen StyleWhat I love about both of the pieces is the ease upon which they can function in a non-work related capacity. For example, this skirt when paired with a sparkly top and a sexy pair of heels works well for a date night with my husband. The sweater dresses down nicely when paired with jeans and a pair of boots. In fact, I’ve worn it this exact way to family Thanksgiving.

Work Appropriate | Watch Carmen StyleSweater: Loft (old similar here) | Skirt: Express | Shoes: Tahari (old) | Bag: Micheal Kors (old similar here)

To me having items of clothing that can function in various settings is the hallmark of a well thought out wardrobe. It shows style and ingenuity to be able to use clothing in multiple situations and settings. Plus, it expands the functionality of your wardrobe and minimizes the need to purchase different items for different situations.   Before I purchase any new article of clothing I always like to ask myself these two questions:

1) How many things do I already own that can be styled with this particular piece of clothing?

2) How can I re-style this piece to work for other occasions?

By always asking myself these two questions, I ensure that I only buy clothing that serve multiple functions.


Photography: Susan McDonald

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