The Red Rocks of Sedona

Sedona | Watch Carmen StyleFor the final leg of our trip out West, we visited Sedona, Arizona.  Only a a short two hour drive from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, Sedona should definitely be included on any tour of the Western US. Full of a beautiful and dramatic rock formations we spent the majority of our time there just trying to capture it in pictures.  We somewhat succeeded, but no picture can really do justice for this type of scenery.

Amara Resort & Spa | Watch Carmen StyleWhile in Sedona, we stayed at the Amara Resort & Spa.  As  you can see from the picture the hotel features beautiful views of the red rocks. The above picture was taken while eating breakfast on the outdoor patio.  The food was delicious and we really enjoyed being able to eat outdoors in such a beautiful setting.  The rooms are spacious and comfortable.  The hotel is located inside the city of Sedona and one can easily walk to downtown. Pink Jeep Tours | Watch Carmen StyleUnlike the Grand Canyon, Sedona gets very hot during the summer.  While we were there in August, the daytime high temperatures were in the upper 90s.  Wanting to explore the rocks, but not wanting to die from heat stroke we opted to take a jeep tour.  We went with the Pink Jeep Tour company and had a blast driving over the rocks.  Pink Jeep offers several different types of tours in and around Sedona.  We opted for the two hour Broken Arrow  Tour which takes you up onto Submarine Rock and Chicken Point.  The following pictures are all taken from that particular tour.  Our tour guide Andy was very knowledgeable on the formations and the surrounding area.  He did a great job answering everybody’s questions and had no problem taking pictures of everybody up on the formations.   The great thing about the Broken Arrow tour was the ability to travel to different points and then being able to get out and take lots of pictures.  It was 97 degrees that day and I don’t think we would have made it to all those places if we had had to hike.

Sedona | Watch Carmen StyleSedona | Watch Carmen StyleView of Submarine Rock.

Sedona | Watch Carmen StyleMountain bikers enjoy biking along that thin white line that you can see in the picture.  It’s about a foot wide and really high up.  Google white line Sedona to see you tube videos of this incredible feat.

Sedona | Watch Carmen StyleA picture of the Devil’s Staircase which our jeep drove down.  It’s about a 45 degree angle.

We had a really great time visiting Sedona and it made the perfect ending to an already fantastic trip!


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