My Top Las Vegas Tips

Top Las Vegas Tips | Watch Carmen StyleFor several years, my husband and I have been wanting to go experience Las Vegas.  We finally made it last month for our fifth wedding anniversary.  We had a wonderful time gambling, eating and seeing shows; however, there are some things that I wish I had known before embarking on our trip.  To help out all first time visitors to Las Vegas I have complied a list of my top Las Vegas tips.

Top Las Vegas Tips | Watch Carmen StyleView of our hotel from outside Treasure Island

Top Las Vegas Tips | Watch Carmen StyleView from our hotel room. We were on the 56th floor of the Wynn Hotel.

My Top Las Vegas Tips

1. Wear comfortable walking shoes! You will walk everywhere while in Vegas.

2. Drink plenty of water!

3. Buy the $1 bottled water from the people selling it on the street.  Water will cost two to three times as much everywhere else.

4. Bring a jacket to wear inside the freezing cold casinos.

5.  Vegas is extremely casual so do not bother dressing up for dinner or shows.  Everyone else will be wearing shorts.

6.  Do not waste your money on the Las Vegas Monorail.  The stations are very hard to find and the casinos do a horrible job at pointing them out to you.  Remember the casinos are there to make money off you not to send you to a rival casino.

7.  Do ride the free monorails provided by the casinos.  This monorail takes you between casinos owned by the same company so they will tell you how to find it.

8.  Many hotels on the strip do not provide a free shuttle service from the airport.  Book a shuttle service in advance to take you to and from the airport.

Top Las Vegas Tips | Watch Carmen Style View of the Paris Hotel where we had an amazing dinner at Gordon Ramsey Steak.

IMG_0727-RecoveredHere I am after the Britney Spears concert.  It was a great show and I highly recommend it, especially since she is continuing her residency.

Top Las Vegas Tips | Watch Carmen StyleBeautiful view of the New York, New York Casino at sunset.

Have you traveled to Las Vegas recently?  If so, then are there any tips that you would add to this list?


Layering for Fall

Layering for Fall | Watch Carmen StyleThe calendar may say that Fall has arrived, but these recent afternoon temperatures sure don’t feel like it!   Trying to dress for those brisk Fall mornings and summer-like afternoons can be challenging.  It almost feels like you need to wear two different outfits.  The way  I solve the problem is by appropriately layering my outfit.

Layering for Fall | Watch Carmen StyleA light jacket is key when layering for Fall weather.  When choosing my outfit, I first look at what light jacket I want to wear.  After determining my jacket choice, I then pick a short sleeve shirt that coordinates with that jacket.  By picking a shirt that goes with your outermost layer, you intentionally create a pulled together outfit and avoid looking like you just threw on any old jacket hanging in your coat closet.

Layering for Fall | Watch Carmen StyleWhen choosing a pair of pants, I like to wear fitted ones that I can roll up to look like cropped pants.  On cool mornings I wear my jacket and keep my pants rolled down.  As the temperatures begin to rise, the pants roll up and the jacket comes off.  This turns a Fall outfit in to one more appropriate for a summery afternoon.

Layering for Fall | Watch Carmen StyleLayering for Fall | Watch Carmen StyleJacket:  American Eagle | Shirt: Anthropologie (old) | Jeans: Loft | Shoes: Toms (old)  Bag: Fossil | Watch: Fossil (old similar here) | Necklace & Bracelet: Souvenirs

How do you approach layering for Fall?


Photography: Susan McDonald

September Book Club

Teri AginsSo I’m a little embarrassed that the September Book Club is so late, but I have been incredibly busy for the past several weeks.  My husband and I traveled to the Southwest for our five  year anniversary and have spent a lot of time working on the house.  I plan on sharing pictures of our adventures in another series of blog post later on this month.  Now on to this month’s book.

September Pick

For September I have chosen Hijacking the Runway: How Celebrities are Stealing the Spotlight from Fashion Designers, by Teri Agins.  I really enjoy this particular authors take on the fashion industry and appreciate the sheer amount of research that goes into supporting her main points.  I reviewed her other book The End of Fashion for the August book club which you can read here.

In Hijacking the Runway, Agins argues that in order for a new fashion line / brand to succeed it needs some sort of celebrity endorsement in order to get the necessary attention from the public, especially in this age of social media.  Celebrities are now cashing in on their star power by creating their own fashion lines and pushing out talented, but unfamous famous designers.  Agins effectively argues that in order to make it in today’s fashion industry a designer needs to become a celebrity in their own right.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  Reading behind the scenes details on how Jessica Simpson,  Victoria Beckham and the Olsen twins became successful fashion brands was incredibly interesting.  But this book was also disturbing in how it demonstrated the necessity of star power in order to become a commercially successful fashion designer.  I feel it should be required reading for all those fashion design students out there who want to make it as a fashion designer.  Talent is simply not enough!

I hope all of you are having a wonderful September and take the time to read this book.


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