February Remix

Pink Shag Coat with boyfriend jeansHappy end of February everyone!  March is truly coming in like lion down here in Alabama.  All the schools are closed and we are waiting in tense anticipation for another round of snow / ice storms.  Now I don’t mind snow, but ice just makes everything a huge mess.

This is just a quick recap of the different posts that I had through out February.  I’m really looking forward to March when I plan to launch a new series and style concept that I’ve been wanting to try for awhile.  What better time then the start of spring to refresh ones look!

Glass bead necklacePink Shag Baby!

Izak iPhone 6 Case6 Feminine iPhone 6 Cases

Urban-Decay Naked on the RunReview:  Urban Decay Naked On The Run

Buxom Winner Takes All Lipglosses and Lip creamsReview:  Buxom Winner Takes All

Sweater WeatherSweater Weather

Forever XXI SweaterSand Colored Ugg BootsThe Art of Layering: 9 Tips for Winter Weather

Anthropologie Vegan Leather JacketIt’s All In The Details


Photography:  Susan McDonald

It’s All In The Details

Anthropologie Vegan Leather JacketWhen looking for a great new jacket to add to my collection, I always ask myself three things before purchasing.

1.  Is the jacket properly lined / well constructed?
2.  Does it feature interesting details?
3.  Will the color work with the rest of my wardrobe?

Anthropologie-Vegan-Leather-JacketThis vegan leather jacket hits all three points and is a great addition to my wardrobe.  Like most Anthropologie products, this jacket is well constructed and properly lined.  The open stitch trim design nicely accentuates the shoulder and the front of the jacket leading to some visual interest. In addition the soft grey blue color makes the jacket appropriate for both winter and early spring.

Statement-NecklaceJacket: Anthropologie | Shirt:  Ann Taylor (old) | Jeans:  American Eagle | Shoes:  mia (old similiar here) | Necklace:  Francesca’s (old)

What do  you look for in a leather jacket? Do you have any specific criteria?

Photography:  Susan McDonald

The Art of Layering: Nine Tips for Winter Weather

Forever XXI SweaterWinter ScarfIt has been so cold down here in Alabama, like mind-numbingly cold.  In order to shoot these pictures, we choose a location near a doorway so that we could duck into the warmth every few minutes.  I’m sure we looked ridiculous to the casual observer.  Currently,  my main fashion focus is how to keep warm and still look somewhat fashionable.  In order to achieve this, I focused on layering.  Now layering can be tricky due the bulky nature of most winter fabrics.  When layering, I try to focus on having as many layers as possible without adding to much bulk to my frame.  Nobody wants to look like the Ralphie’s little brother in a Christmas Story.  Below are my top layering tips.Sand Colored Ugg Boots

Layering Top Tips

1. For the top half of your body, wear three to four layers max.
2. The base layer should be as skin tight as possible.  I typically prefer a stretchy cami.
3. The second layer should be slightly looser and long sleeved.
4. Make the third layer a sweater or sweatshirt made out of thick material, preferably wool or cotton.
5.  Wear a scarf to protect your neck from drafts.
6.  For the bottom half of your body,  wear a total of two layers.
7.  Leggings or long underwear make a great base layer.
8.  Next put on a pair of heavy jeans.
9.  Wear thick socks with a pair of boots to protect your feet and ankles from chilly drafts.Ugg Boots Keep Me Warm

Sweater: Forever XXI (very old, similar here|  Shirt: New York & Company |  Jeans:  American Eagle |  Boots:  Ugg Australia | Watch: Fossil | Scarf: gift

By following these nine tips, the cold weather shouldn’t be a problem for you.  Do you guys have any other tips for winter weather layering?

Photography:  Susan McDonald

Sweater Weather

Sweater WeatherFreezing rain and arctic temperatures are not conducive for taking outside blog photos.  Bear with me as I try to stay warm while taking some inside blog photos.  Hopefully next week, the weather will be nice enough for me to venture outside once again. This is one of my favorite casual outfits.  I really like wearing deep reds and feel the color goes great with jeans.  Plus, how can you not like jeans with polka dots on them!

Polka-Dot Jeans Brahmin Leather BagSweater:  Express  (similar) | Jeans: Altar’d State (similar) | Boots: Fergalicious (similar)| Bag: Brahmin | Watch: Fossil | Necklace: Francesca’s (old) | Bracelet: a gift


Photography:  Susan McDonald

Buxom Winner Takes All Review

Buxom Lip Polish and CreamHave you guys tried any of the Buxom lip products?  I hadn’t until recently.  So far, I am really impressed with Buxom’s lip-polishes and lip cremes. I really like this collection. For starters, ALL the colors suited my medium tone complexion which (as I am sure you’ve experienced) rarely happens.   What a relief to not have any losers among my new lip collection!

Buxom Cosmestics Lip polishes and Lip Creames The selection of beautiful pink shades and different lip finishes is what initially attracted me to this particular collection.  These shades did not disappoint and the two different types of lip finishes provide for both day and night appropriate looks.  The sheerer lip polishes are a great daytime look and the more pigmented lip creams work well for a more sophisticated nighttime feel.   Immediately after applying the lip glosses, my lips began to tingle from the lip plumping ingredient and as promised I could see the effect on my lips.

Buxom Winner Takes All Lipglosses and Lip creamsGenerally when buying a new (for me) brand of cosmetics, I purchase a pre-boxed sample collection.  I feel it gives you a number of trial size products which allows you to get a better feel for a brand’s  overall product quality and selection.  If this collection is an example of Buxom’s lip creams and polishes, then I am definitely buying more in the future.

Buxom CosmeticsThe lip creams are featured at the top of the picture and are White Russian, Creamsicle and Berry Blast.  The lip polishes are Chloe, Sophia and Trixie.
At a cost of $32, I definitely think this collection was worth the price.  Included are a wide selection of pink shades with different lip finishes appropriate for both day and night time looks. I am now definitely a fan of Buxom lip products and intend to buy more in the future, perhaps now in shades of red.  The collection Winner Takes All can be purchased at Sephora.


Review: Urban Decay Naked On The Run

Urban-Decay Naked on the RunAs a huge fan of Urban Decay’s Naked series, I was very excited to try out the latest addition to the collection.  Called Naked On The Run, the travel-size palette definitely lives up to its name and easily fits inside a purse or carry-on bag. The pallet includes six NEW eye shadows along with a bronzer, blush, mascara and lip gloss.

urban-decay-naked-on-the-runMy overall impressions of Urban Decay’s Naked On The Run are mixed.  The bronzer appears very orange in photographs, which for my complexion, holds true in real life. My skin looked slightly dirty.  Not a cute look!  The palette contains a nice mix of matte and shimmery eye shadows allowing for a variation of different looks.  The mascara while decent does not compare to Benefit’s They’re Real mascara, but will do if you want to save space while traveling.  I found it a tad clumpy and not as lengthening when compared to Benefit’s They’re Real mascara.  The lip gloss, a lovely deep shade of pink, looked great on my lips and very natural.  The eyeliner, in Stag, is a nice shade of brown and complements the eye shadows.urban-decay-snaked on the run swatches  From left to right, we start with the eye liner in stag, the lip gloss in naked, and the perversion mascara.  Continuing on we meet the eyeshadows in stun, dare, resist, fix, and dive.

urban-decay-naked on the run swatchesFrom left to right, we have the bronzer, blush and 5050 eyeshadow.

My main problem with the palette deals with the color of the blush, bronzer and the largest eyeshadow shade 5050.  First off the blush made me feel like a clown when I first put it on and was way too pink for my complexion.  Second, the 5050 all over eyeshadow blended right into my skin. It took me forever to make the color visible in the photograph.  I could see this shadow working for the fair complected as a sort of highlighter, but for those with a medium complexion there is honestly no point in even wearing it.  As mentioned above, the bronzer made my skin look dirty.

urban-decay-naked-on-the-runWould I buy this palette again? No, I would not due to my problems with the blush, bronzer and 5050 eyeshadow.  The whole point of this palette is to downsize the number of products you would have to bring with you on a trip.  For me,  I would have to bring a different bronzer and blush thus defeating the main point of Naked On The Run.  Did you guys have better success with this palette?


6 Feminine iPhone 6 Cases

closeup2 Izak-Girlfriends-CaseLate last year, I got a new iPhone 6 plus to replace my old iPhone 4.  I love it!  The screen is huge and the camera works great.  Unfortunately, when I first got my phone I couldn’t find any cute cases for it.  I settled on a generic pink one from the Verizon Store.  After searching the internet,  I finally found a really cute one by Izak Zenou titled Girlfriends. You can buy it here. The case fits my phone beautifully and I highly recommend any of his cute products which can be found at most major department stores as well as online here.  Below are some other cases for the iPhone 6, that I thought were cute and have that kind of girly, fashion vibe.  Cases 1, 2, and 5 are also by Izak.

Do you have any cases to recommend?  What is your go to store for cute tech accessories?

Thanks for reading,

Pink Shag Baby!

Jacket with boyfriend jeans This pink shag coat flutters and shimmers beautifully as you move.  How fun is that!  An added bonus is the coat’s ability to be dressed up and down.  I totally plan to wear it on Valentine’s day with my little black dress (look for future post).  In this post, I wanted to focus on taking an evening type coat and creating a casual daytime look.

IMG_1551To go about achieving a casual daytime ensemble, I wore a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans, simple nude heals and white shirt.  Nothing says daytime like a pair of jeans and a white shirt.  Plus the simplicity of the white shirt helps to highlight the shag material of the coat.

Glass bead necklaceNext, accessorize with a necklace made out of fun materials.  Normally pearls are considered very conservative, but multicolored pearls with glass beads makes it cute, not old lady.

boyfriend jeansCoat: Village Boutique of Providence,  Blouse:  Express, Jeans:  Altar’d State, Shoes:  Madden Girl, Necklace: Envy Boutique


Hope you guys like the look.  How would you style an evening coat for daytime wear?

Thanks for reading,

Photography:  Susan McDonald