January Remix

IMG_1385Happy Saturday everyone!  Here is a quick look at everything that was posted on the blog this month.  My husband’s got back yesterday evening from a three week long business trip so we will definitely be relaxing this weekend and catching up on all the shows we missed while he was gone.  Hope you have a great weekend!


Necklace-Close-upThoughts on Turning 30

IMG_1495Hats:  My Newest Fashion Accessory

accessory-close-up-webversionLeopard For Work

Chewy-Close-UpThink Pink!

Raspberry-Jacket-StandingChange Up Your Date Night Look

Leather Skirt 008Leather For Work

Photography:  Susan McDonald

Tribal Print Winter Coat

Coat with Winter Tribal Print

   IMG_1404IMG_1441IMG_1417IMG_1410Coat:  Altar’d State,  Jeans:  American Eagle,  Shoes: Jessica Simpson;  Bag: Fossil  (old similar here)


Do y’all find that winter coats lean towards the boring and conservative? I know I do! With the majority of winter coats coming in solid, dark colors, it’s hard to get excited about this wardrobe staple.   So, you can imagine my excitement when I found this tribal print coat while raiding my mom’s closet.  The print is so fun and totally spices up my daily skinny jean uniform.  Being careful to not accessorize with items that competed with the print, I used a handbag that pulls out the orange hues already found within the pattern.

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Photography:  Susan McDonald

Thoughts on Turning 30

Weekend CasualHi!  Hope everyone had a great weekend.  I celebrated my 30th birthday on Saturday and am excited to be embarking on another decade.  It’s common for people to dread leaving their twenties behind which is something I never quite understood.  To me each decade of life offers up the potential for new life experiences that are just waiting to be discovered. My husband and I are looking forward to starting a family and all the ups and downs that comes with raising kids.   Half-BodyTo me your twenties is a time to be selfish and discover who you are as a individual.  Between traveling to exotic places (like Egypt), getting a Master’s in Accounting, and living abroad, I feel that I now have a better sense of who I am as a person.  Having those years to able to do what I want when I want were invaluable and helped me establish my own identity.  By having had that time to invest me, I feel that I am a better wife and future mother.  BootsSo here is to turning 30 and exploring this next decade with my wonderful husband / best friend. I’d be interested hear your thoughts on reaching birthday milestones.

 Outfit Details

Jacket from Bebe (old similar here);  Shirt from NY & Co  (old similar here); Jeans from American Eagle; Boots from Replay (bought years ago); Necklace from American Eagle; Bag from envy

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Leopard for Work

leopard-standing-web-version Happy Friday!  Here’s a quick post on office appropriate clothing.  I’m an accountant so as  you can imagine I work in a rather conservative setting.   A conservative work environment doesn’t meant that you can’t have some fun with your outfit.  A button down shirt in leopard with burgundy heels is still office appropriate, but a lot more interesting than just wearing a plain old collared shirt.


I also love how the studs on the bag play off the leopard print on the shirt!  It adds an extra dose of sass to the outfit.

leopard-leaning-web-versionHere is me attempting to be glamorous :)

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!

Outfit Details

Shirt from J.Crew Outlet (old similar here); Pants from Express;  Shoes from Madden Girl;  Bag from Envy (old similar here)


Think Pink!


I picked up this windowpane plaid shirt from Banana Republic over the Christmas holiday when I was supposed to be shopping for presents for my family.  Some how I always find the best stuff when I’m supposed to be shopping for other people.  Does that happen you or is it just me?

Anyways I am so happy that I found this shirt.  It is super comfortable  and a great piece to wear under my hot pink motorcycle jacket.


I feel the pops of pink really amps up this other wise neutral toned outfit.


Outfit Details

Motorcycle Jacket from The GAP (old similar here);  Shirt from Banana Republic (out of stock similar here);  Jeans from Express; Shoes from Gianni Binni (old similar here);  Scarf from a street vendor; Earrings from Claire’s.

Changeup Your Date Night Look

Date Night 020

The weather has been absolutely miserable here in Alabama with tons of rain and freezing temperatures.  Needless to say, photographing outside has been impossible.  In order to have something to post, I went back into my photo archives and pulled out some pictures from last fall.


My husband and I have a ritual of going on a weekly date night to a nice restaurant.  Tired of wearing a dress / skirt on our weekly date night,  I decided to change up my look by wearing a pair of my coated denim jeans.  Wearing pants was awesome!  I loved the comfort and the freedom of movement.  Plus, the pink blazer allowed me to not be cold in the restaurant.


A pair of earrings and my chunky bracelet felt like the right amount of bling without being over powering.  As far as jewelry goes, I don’t tend to wear a lot. I love looking at other bloggers and greatly admire their ability to stack bracelets and wear multiple necklaces.  It’s something that I hope to experiment with as I continue on my fashion journey.


My favorite part of the outfit would have to be the shoes!  How can you not love a sexy pair of pink heels?  I hope this post gave you inspiration to try a different spin on your next date night look.  What do you tend to wear on date night?

Outfit Details

Blazer, Bustier and Shoes from White House Black Market; Jeans from Ditto;  Bracelet from Claire’s; Earrings from Express


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